THE MAN IN THE MIRROR. Many of us feel it - here is the truth behind the imposters.

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Yulia Matvienko
21st of October 2021

How many of you feel like you have managed to get where you are in life through dumb luck? Do you worry about being exposed for the fraud that you’re sure you are? Or maybe you feel that what you’re doing is so easy that any fool would manage to do it just as well...

I think that you are actually a high functioning individual who falls into the 70% of people that suffer from Imposter Syndrome.

Read on and let's see who is right...



WISH YOU WERE HERE! Have we forgotten the importance of experiences?

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14th of October 2021

At the risk of sounding like my grandma, modern life is very different to how I grew up. Then we had met and were actually friends with our friends! No one had followers except for dodgy cult leaders, and we took photos and had to wait days to see what they were like. But we lived! We were all present in the moment and I have some brilliant memories as a result! So, Social Media…Friend or Foe?


WHAT IS A LIFE COACH AND WHY DO I NEED ONE? The Mystery of Life Coaching Explained.

Picture of Tiffany Barnard waiting for a train at a stop sign.
Tiffany Barnard - Life Coach
24th of February 2021

Do you remember when you were little and people would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? I do, and I had an answer for them from about the age of 3. This is not because I was particularly precocious or even that sure of what I wanted to do! Not at all! My answer was the result of being told, from birth more or less, that I was going to grow up, go to university and then take over the family business. So I did.


Tiffany Barnard is an accredited Life Coach, she is trained and has certifications in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, REBT Mindset Coaching. She is also is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Coaching.

Link to Tiffany Barnard's accreditiation and profile on the Association for Coaching website Link to Tiffany Barnard's accreditiation and profile on the EMCC Global website