“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde.


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Sr. Carlos Roldan


After I had tried different coaches, with Tiffany is the first time I found someone who is working as a guide and focusing on understanding your needs, your values and your skills and starting your personal development. Tiffany works in a really close, honest and personal way affording her knowledge, but the most valuable is her maturity and personal experience that helps you take perspective of the situations you have to confront.

26 July 2021 - Girona, Spain.
Damien Collignon International business developer

Mr. Damien Collignon

International Business Developer

Tiffany is a down to earth inspiring coach. Always challenging you in your own best interest without ever being judgemental, she has helped me on many occasions. Lately, I was confronted with very challenging personal and emotional challenges, almost existential choices. Tiffany recommended me to be very pragmatic, to collect as much information as possible instead of assuming and then make up my mind. And guess what, she was right ... and many of my assumptions were flawed. I definitely recommend Tiffany as a great and reliable life advisor.

25 March 2021 - Copenhagen, Denmark.
Adrien Grenier Audio Engineer

Mr. Adrien Grenier

Musician/Audio Engineer

I started working with Tiffany not knowing what to expect from coaching since it was the first time I did it. To my great surprise, working with Tiffany was truly amazing. She has a very developed emotional intelligence and can understand people pretty clearly and truthfully. She also has a huge heart and is willing to give all she can for you to achieve any goals you fix and be a better version of yourself. Very quickly, our weekly meeting became a call between two friends, which I was always looking forward to. Without putting pressure but still maintaining the vision of the goals set, Tiffany brought me with ease, enthusiasm and kindness where I wanted to be. I can't thank her enough for having been so attentive, caring and supportive!

12 February 2021 - Barcelona, Spain.
Daniel Purger Founder of DailyJobs

Mr. Daniel Purger

Founder of DailyJobs

Tiffany is an amazing person with a lot of experience and a great sense of humour. She helped me see things from a different perspective, improve my management skills and to organize my private and business life in a healthier way. I can recommend working with her to 100%, you can immediately feel that she likes what she is doing and because of that she is able to share her positive energy even in difficult and stressful situations. In the meantime I consider her a friend and I am really enjoying every conversation we have.

21 December 2020 - Barcelona, Spain.
Ignacio Cristobal Gallo Campos Founder of Escuela de Actividades Naturales

Sr. Ignacio Cristobal Gallo Campos

Founder of Escuela de Actividades Naturales

Outstanding coaching abilities is what you will find and feel with Tiffany. Her skills and business - life experience is vast. But it not that what you will love from your interactions with her. What you will get is a feeling of being understood, challenged, and motivated to a point where alone you wouldn´t. She is without a doubt an expert in being a valuable part of your own project, business or life. Better both!. I couldn´t be happier and more grateful for the advice I´m getting from our coaching sessions. Thank you with all my heart Tiffany.

27 November 2020 - Girona, Spain.

Tiffany Barnard is an accredited Life Coach, she is trained and has certifications in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, REBT Mindset Coaching. She is also is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Coaching.

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