“I never lose. Either I win or learn.” Nelson Mandela.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t clear on what a life coach is or indeed if you had never heard the term before at all.

Life coaching is very popular in the USA. In fact, people think you are strange if you DON’T have a coach but in Europe, the value of a Life Coach is largely unrecognised. Life coaching is often a widely misconstrued and undervalued approach to self-help, that falls somewhere between a therapist and an agony aunt in people’s estimations.

The Oxford dictionary defines it simply as,

“a person who is employed to help others attain their goals in life.”

Oxford English Dictionary.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines it as,

“A partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.”

International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I would say that basically, we show you all the short cuts, tips, tricks, and life hacks that will empower you to change your life in a meaningful way and give you the tools that you need to make your own wishes come true.

I should point out that the term LIFE COACH is in fact very broad in as much as there are life coaches for all sorts of different life situations. There are personal development coaches, mindfulness coaches, business coaches, happiness coaches, health coaches and forgiveness coaches to name but a few.

That said, there are several common threads running through all niches of life coaching and the key aspects of all coaching is confidence and mindset.

Regardless of what it is that people might aim to achieve, they are often held back by a lack of self-confidence. Their self-esteem and self-worth may be running low which in turn makes them feel like they are stuck in a rut, de-motivated and bored with their life but that they don’t have the power to change it.

You might be making excuses for why you are not making the changes you want in your life. Or maybe you are too busy procrastinating about it to take the first step. Whatever the reason, the result is often a feeling of overwhelm.

Tiffany Barnard with Almond Blossom
“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Mahatma Gandhi.

Your mindset is another really important factor since if you do not believe that change is possible, or that you are capable of learning new tools to effect that change…well, I am sorry to say that you will never achieve the change you crave.

Your mind will be too busy telling you, trying to convince you, of all the reasons why trying to change is futile…It might say things like:

  • You’re too old.
  • It’s too late.
  • You’re not cut out for this kind of thing.
  • People like you don’t do things like that.
  • You will only fail so there is no point in trying.

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, you might have a fixed mindset and that might be holding you back from achieving amazing and fabulous things in your life!

So, if you don’t like where you are, move! You’re not a tree! The power of change is entirely yours!

So why not go ahead and book your free discovery call now and reclaim your power today!


Tiffany is a Member of International Coaching Federation Professional Coaches, the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards.

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