“Wherever you go, there you are.” Jon Kabat-Zinn.


What does a life coach do? Very good question!

Basically, we help you understand where you are today; identify where you want to be tomorrow and help you get from A to B.

Life coaches are all about moving forward, helping you clarify your true goals and identifying the obstacles that keep getting in your way.

A life coach will help you make progress in just about any aspect of your life, be it personal, professional or both, with the aim of achieving a higher level of fulfilment and increased happiness.

As your life coach, I would guide you to acknowledge your strengths, skills and unique talents. We would then work together, using these skills and talents to achieve the goal that you have defined.

A small heads-up though, life coaches are not therapists, and I am not a consultant. I will not give you the answer and I won’t tell you what to do. What I do is I listen to you and ask you questions to better understand what you want…what you really, really want and rather than telling you what to do, I would show you the choices open to you and help you to generate your own ideas and solutions.

My packages are designed to ease you into the world of coach and then build you up. So, if you are unsure about whether coaching is for you, or if you would really benefit from coaching, then try “Dipping your toes”. In this program we would work in a general fashion to give you clarity of what you want. What is it that you really want to change in your life and more importantly why? Then we would establish if you have a growth mindset and what the limiting beliefs are that are holding you back.

Beautiful Olive Tree
“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll.

The next package, “Paddling in the shallows”i is designed to go a little deeper and will give you the tools to develop an awareness of, and ultimately control, your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. I will show you how to identify your inner critic, your bitchy Bob and show you how to silence him. This package is designed to give you back the power over your life.

The final package, “Taking the plunge” is the most in-depth package. We will go on a journey of discovery together. I will help you decide what you want, help you believe that you can achieve it, we would go on to design a plan for success and I would teach you the tools you need to stay motivated, kick ass and take life by the horns and win!

If you have any questions at all, just click the very red button and grab your free discovery call. I would love to meet you!

See you soon!


Tiffany Barnard is an accredited Life Coach, she is trained and has certifications in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, REBT Mindset Coaching. She is also is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Coaching.

Link to Tiffany Barnard's accreditiation and profile on the Association for Coaching website Link to Tiffany Barnard's accreditiation and profile on the EMCC Global website